ADOPT A SCIENTIST by Great Life Brand

Great Life is a for-profit clothing company with an environmental side-hustle. We've seen so many companies take steps to aid people and the environment, and we knew we wanted to follow in their footsteps when creating our brand. To make sure we do it right, though, we made sure to partner with a real scientist who understands where the need really is. We're calling this program "Adopt a Scientist." Giving our money directly to the scientist working on a project is the best way to make sure ALL of our donation money is spent on what they really need, and thus, making the biggest impact on the environments they serve. 

What is our environmental goal?
We want to aid wildlife conservation, wetland restoration, and ultimately, climate change prevention.


Our Chief Scientist and Wetland Ecologist, Sean Westley, is pursuing a Ph.D at the College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science at Michigan Technological University. He is working on a research project in wetland restoration right here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! His goal is to build forested wetlands in previously mined or otherwise compromised land. To do that, there is a lot of research and testing required to, in layman's terms, figure out how to make cedar trees grow (and stay) in these areas. It's all about building and then protecting a habitat. These wetlands provide sanctuary to huge populations of wildlife, while simultaneously storing carbon in previously desolate areas, aiding in the prevention of climate change.

Above: Sean Westley, Great Life Chief Scientist and Wetland Ecologist

We all know—the more trees we have, the less carbon is released into the atmosphere! That's why forested swamps are such environmental gold mines, but when we lose cedar swamps, we lose their protection. So, scientists like Sean are working to protect our existing swamps, and introducing more to barren areas.


By making a purchase in Great Life's shop, you are directly aiding this specific project (and others like it). 8%, specifically! With our scientific partnership, we have the ability to control exactly where our money is going to. Sean will be our guide in this, making sure that our dollars are being spent well. It will be awesome to follow him along as these projects come to fruition and he reports his progress back to us. As we speak, he is working on publishing his findings on the wetland restoration project, and without exposing too many details before the report is released to the public, let us tell you...the findings in these early stages are really exciting! We will post updates on this page as well as on our social media any time we have something to share about these projects.

Above: Sean in testing site (where we want to develop wetlands)
Above: The goal! Photos taken by Sean in other research sites.


Great Life is also a volunteer-happy company. Whether it is helping stocking fish or participating in clean-up days lead by the US Forest Service in our many National Parks and Forests, we are here for it. We will donate our time to these projects, and will be compiling a list of resources so you can volunteer, too! (Coming soon!)

Above: Volunteering on Stewardship Day (Fall 2019) with Wisconsin Overland via the Chequamenon Nicolet National Forest Clean Up Project lead by Tread Lightly and the USFS.